As Kim Kardashian steps out with her nipples on full display Now's Laura Hills says it's time she put them away for good

Before I go any further I’d like to put on record that I’m a huge Kim Kardashian fan. I’m borderline obsessed with her relationship with Kanye West and I love the way she’s constantly changing and evolving her style… I just wish she’d put her damn nipples away!

Just days after debuting her new platinum blonde locks Kim, 34, once again got tongues wagging when she made the rather strange decision to step out in actual public wearing nothing more than a bit of pink mesh to cover her modesty.

Kim had her nipples on full display as she made her way to the Lanvin catwalk show at Paris Fashion Week last night with Kanye. But while there’s no denying she has a figure to make even the most secure girl envious there’s just no need for the world to see that much of Mrs Kardashian-West.

Firstly, Kim is mum to 21-month-old daughter North and I can’t help but feel like she shouldn’t be flaunting her bits and pieces quite so publicly now that she has that responsibility.

That’s not to say that now she’s a mum she should only wear her twinset and pearls but putting a bra on before stepping out in front of the world’s paparazzi would be a good place to start.

Give it another couple of years and North will be able to see pictures like those from last night and her recent nude LOVE magazine shoot at the click of a button.

Imagine how mortified she’ll feel to see her mum’s nipples on full display after innocently typing her name into Google and, what’s more, imagine the embarrasment when her classmates tell her they’ve seen the same snaps!

And secondly, as one of the most influential celebrities in the social media age, Kim has a responsibility to the millions of young girls who watch – and more importantly try to emulate – her every move.

She should be teaching them that you don’t have to flash your body at every available opportunity to be considered ‘sexy’.

Whatever happened to less is more eh, Kim?

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Laura Hills