Robbie Williams, what are you doing? Any man who laughs and jokes about while his wife is in labour is taking his life into his own hands

I have just watched with shock some of the many videos Robbie Williams has posted of his wife Ayda Field in labour before the birth of their second child and I’m SHOCKED.

Not because of the content but because I can’t believe she agreed to let him film it!

I’ll let you in on a secret. Deep in the depths of our loft are two pictures of me and my wife that only we have ever seen. They are of each of us holding our first daughter taken moments after the marathon labour.

Now, I’d like to point out, there are plenty of pictures we have shared with friends and family of our beautiful girl, but these two are NOT for sharing.

Why? Imagine someone keeping you awake for 36 hours, and during that time putting you through the most stressful period of your life then taking a close-up picture of you. Imagine what you would look like.

I look like a homeless man who has been handed a baby. A broken shell of a man. I’m pretty sure you can actually see my brain behind my eyes. It is truly AWFUL!

That is why I can’t believe that Robbie Williams was joking about and so relaxed throughout his wife’s labour. At one point he even sang a rendition of Let It Go from Disney film Frozen, as Ayda appeared to be having a contraction (before Ayda politely asks ‘babe, can you stop’). Surely, as the pain increased, his wife Ayda must have felt like screaming at/slapping him?

Maybe it’s Robbie’s way of dealing with the situation. Maybe, it’s because it was his second child (they already have daughter Teddy, two). Personally speaking, I have never felt so terrified and helpless in my life. Watching the person you love in so much pain and there being nothing you can do about it apart from holding her hand (and offering her ENDLESS cups of water!) is terrible.

Robbie gushed after the birth of his baby son: ‘I’ve never been more in love and I’ve never been more proud of my wife, she’s been absolutely astonishing. Baby bud isn’t having a name yet, we’re still figuring it out. He’s 8lb 1oz.’

I totally echo those sentiments: I have never been prouder of my wife and more emotional than after the birth of my two girls.

Congratulations to them both, I can’t wait to see what Robbie has planned for the third labour! And, no you can’t see my picture.

* Is Robbie Williams romantic or annoying? Watch the videos below and judge for yourself

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