WATCH Ryan Gosling's top five hunk moments that prove he'll sex up JJ Abrams' Star Wars Episode VII



I am female. Therefore I love Ryan Gosling.

I am also a bit of a geek. Therefore I love Star Wars.

So the news Ryan Gosling could be cast in JJ Abrams’ Episode VII is to me, like, out of this world, in a galaxy far, far away.

The hunk factor in Episode 1 to 3 was of a pretty low standard (as was, well, practically everything else in the movies).

But if these casting rumours are true, JJ (the genius behind Alias, Fringe and Lost) has shown he really is the right man to take over from George Lucas.

It’s not yet clear which role Ryan Gosling and fellow Hollywood hottie Zac Efron are up for – although some have speculated it could be Luke Skywalker‘s son.

And while I’m partial to a bit of Zac, there’s no question which of the two will be bringing more Now readers to the cinema.

So just in case you need a bit of persuading JJ, I’ve taken the time to pour over Ryan‘s many films and bring you his top five best screen moments ever… Forget the Golden Globes, here is my…


Gosling Globes:

1. Best line: It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over’ – Ryan pours his heart out to Rachel McAdams in the pouring rain in The Notebook. Cue pounding heart and finger on rewind button.


2. Best scene: His seduction scene in Crazy Stupid Love. A charming Emma Stone asks Ryan how he gets women in the bedroom. He strips off and does the lift from Dirty Dancing. Absolute. Swoon. (You can bet a million women suffered ankle injuries trying to get their partners to do the same).


3. Best outfit: It’s got to be the way he rocks a trilby and sharp suit in Gangster Squad. Oh, and a white vest…oh, and..well, anything. You can even guarantee he’d look fit as a Jedi, JJ.


4. Best Bad Boy Look: That teardrop tattoo in The Place Beyond the Pines. Anyone who could pull that off, is a legend.


5. Best Kissing scene: That mammoth 41-SECOND kiss in the elevator with Carey Mulligan in Drive. Okay, it’s followed by him smashing a man’s head in, but romance comes in many forms.


So there you go JJ. If you really want to make Star Wars Episode VII a massive hit with the Now readers – pick Ryan. He’s your only hope. Ahem.

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