Taylor Swift is fuming that her best mate Selena Gomez has done the classic U-turn

You know what I really hate? When girls spend ages moaning about their ex, expect you to join in slating sessions and character assassinations only to go and get back together with said ex, making you look like a total tool. You know what I’m talking about don’t you Taylor Swift?

Y’see, Taylor has just gone through these very same moment when BFF Selena Gomez went and Instagrammed a pic of her cosied up with monkey smuggler and all-round idiot Justin Bieber *face palm*

Er, we thought she told Biebs to ‘lose my number’? He must have found it stuffed down the back of the sofa…

Now Taylor has never made any secret of her feelings towards Biebs – you only have to see THAT footage from the Billboard Music Awards to understand that Swifty would rather listen to One Direction‘s new album on a loop than breath the same air as her BFF’s ex.

But apparently she was so furious at the thought of #Jelena popping up all over her Twitter feed that she issued Selena an ultimatum – it’s him or me. Well, old Selena couldn’t get on her segway fast enough to monowheel back into Justin‘s arms.

I’ve interviewed Selena loads of times and she’s always struck me as a sensible girl with maturity beyond her years. What she sees in an obnoxious, underwear-flashing, general pest-making Biebs is beyond me. So I’m totally Team Taylor on this one.

I’ll be snubbing all mention of Selena, deleting her albums from my iPod (what? They’re great for listening to at the gym!) and pretending that she doesn’t exist until she sees the light and finally kicks Justin to the kerb – FOREVER!

In the meantime, if you want someone to go to ballet class with Taylor – I’m free!


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