Dame Helen loves breaking the rules but this time I think she's gone a step too far...


Our ‘national treasure’ Dame Helen Mirren, 67, has never played by the rules – remember when she paraded on the rocks in a skimpy red bikini just before her 63rd birthday? I saluted her because she looked absolutely wonderful and proved that you can still look sexy, no matter what age you are.

Then there was the time she dyed her pink. And who can forget when she shockingly revealed she used to ‘love’ snorting cocaine?!

And let’s not forget she’s even swapped spit with Russell Brand when she passionately kissed him on the lips at the premiere of their film, boasting: ‘I have to kiss him because I can, and I know how many girls want to.’

She once attempted to explain her obvious controversy courting,
confessing: ‘I’m still the good girl who wants to be a bad girl.’

But this time Helen‘s gone a step too far!

She flashed her mega-high perspex platform heels, usually worn by strippers, on the red carpet for the premiere of Red 2. Seriously, what the actual f*** was she thinking?!

Sexy? Nope. Silly? Yes. I mean, what about health and safety Helen?!

Seeing the typically immaculate and elegant Helen in those slaggy stilettos made my toes curl (even more than the moment my Gran whispered to me that she ‘fancied’ 30-year-old Ben Whishaw whilst we were having a low-key sofa Sunday watching The Hour).

Earlier this month Helen made another attempt to explain her naughty side, saying: ‘I love being a badass. It’s just the best. To lurch from being a queen to a badass is really cool.’

Trust me Helen, you’re the Queen of cool, but do me a favour and toss those heels where they belong – in the bin.

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