The Great Kate Wait is over. Now's when the real hard work starts, says another mum of two kids, Now's Beauty Content Director, Jess Spiring

AW! Congratulations Kate, William and George! The princess is a peach.You’ve all survived the pregnancy and labour, but I’m afraid this is when it starts to get hairy…Here are seven things Kate needs to know about how life will change…
  1. It’s time to stop worrying about your roots: We love your bouncy brunette tresses Kate. But you know how you didn’t quite manage to deal with your roots while you were preggo? Now you’ve got two kids to manage, it’s probs best if you just get highlights. That way, even if you don’t make it down to the hairdressers for the next six months, no photographer will be able to snap your grey roots. Failing that, may I suggest a nice turban. Queenie could probs lend you a nice sapphire brooch to pin on the front. You could make it a thing. Well among The Lady readers anyway.
  2. There’s a toy tsunami incoming: Have you alphabetized little Prince George’s library? Does The Hungry Caterpillar always come before Lost and Found and Peepo? I’m afraid to tell you that all that meticulous toy and book filing you managed while George was sleeping is about to go to hell. No puzzle will ever be complete. All the pens will dry out without their lids and you’ll find pieces of Lego in your fridge.
  3. There will be glitter/pen/toothpaste on everything you own: This needs no further elaboration. Just trust me on this. Unless you have a locked, childproof room, nowhere and no thing is sacred.
  4. You will become profoundly ruthless: All those adorable scribbles George did that you meticulously gathered ready to scrap-book? Yeah. As soon as his back is turned you’ll be ‘filing’ them in the recycling without a second thought.
  5. You will want a clone: There will never again be enough of you to go round. Seriously. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got from a zen-mum with three under four was, sometimes when everyone’s crying, don’t lose it. Just laugh. Pick up whoever’s nearest and do the best you can. Your reserves of patience will make the Dali Lama look like a despot.
  6. You need to get a magazine subscription: No not for you. You’ll barely have the intellectual energy to follow Jeremy Kyle for the first few months. But one of those kids’ magazines with the plastic toy stuck on the front. They’ll keep George entertained for a good, er, 20 minutes while you take a shower, or feed Princess Alice. It’ll be £4.99 well spent.
  7. You’ll shock yourself by soon day dreaming about having another: Because, y’know despite all these notexactlythrilling changes that are coming your way, 92.5% of having more than one child is frickin’ awesome. They interact. They’re profoundly different, despite sharing DNA. And before too very long you’ll see George defend his sister in the playground. Or she’ll be balling because her big brother has skinned his knee. There are no words to sum up that joy. That knowledge that – as you and William know – having siblings of your own means no matter what life throws at you, you have a sister or brother who’ll always have your back. Just be prepared. Because in those rush of love moments, it’s all too easy to want to dash off and make another one. #bewarethebroodiness.