Kirk's been revealing his sex secrets this week and now he's admitting he wants to be a pop star. No, Kirk, no!

Oh, Kirk Norcross. He’s my guilty, guilty crush (made even more guilty after his recent admissions of having slept with, gulp, 1,000 women). Which is gross.

But still, he’s cute, and he’s got that Essex boy charm that I love.

But Kirk, you’re going too, too far in wanting to be a singer.

In the HORRENDOUS TOWIE live show of last year, Kirk took to the stage and did a swing number.

Admittedly he was alright at crooning (better than bloody Arg, anyway) – but this was only due to the carnage of the rest of the car crash show.

In fact, I think I might still be suffering from a touch of post-traumatic stress syndrome from that programme. Shudder!

Anyway, Kirk‘s now confessed that he wants to be a, get this, serious singer.

I’d never sung in front of anyone before until the live TOWIE episode last year,’ Kirk‘s said. I got some really good feedback so I’m looking at doing something musically.’


I love swing but I think I’d need to do something a bit more catchy for the charts.’


Kirk, honestly. I’m picturing some awful kind of swing-slash-dance music affair, with Amy Childs cavorting around in the background.

And maybe a guest appearance from TOWIE’s other resident singer Jessica Wright.

Kirk, stick to what you’re good at: getting your kit off, and pulling girls. Honestly.

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