Bring on next year's Eurovision, we need to get revenge on Germans for cheeky Kate Middleton bum pictures

She might be a duchess and future queen, married to a prince with two multi-million pound homes.

But poor Kate Middleton does have some crosses to bear, or should we say, bare.

Yep, the Duchess of Cambridge has been humiliated yet again after a cheeky gust from a helicopter blade blew up her dress during her Australian tour and exposed her naked bum. (I mean, really, it could happen to any of us).

Fortunately for Kate, British publications refused to print the incriminating pictures out of respect.

However German publication went to town – even boasting about how the photos show a clear view of her beautiful bum!’.

Their shocking lack of respect comes just two years after French Closer caused global outrage when they printed pictures of Kate sunbathing topless.

So what is it with our European neighbours that makes them attack our future queen in such a way?

We’ve all heard how Europe has a much freer attitude towards nudity – and clearly they don’t think anything of flashing a bit of flesh, even if it is royal.

But Kate herself made it very clear she wouldn’t stand for such a personal intrusion after the topless scandal in 2012.

It’s the fact that they must have known it would upset her, that makes their decision to publish really shameful.

Of course, I’m sure non-royalists will argue that Kate is a celebrity just like anyone else – and that she should be treated no differently than Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian.

But I would argue that it’s important we remember the distinction.

Whatever you think of the Monarchy, there’s one irrefutable difference between Kate and other celebrities’ – and that is that she’s only famous’ because she fell in love.

To embarrass our future queen in such a way is, quite frankly, not cool.

In centuries gone by, the insensitive culprits would have won themselves an all-inclusive stay at the Tower of London.

Today we’ll have to settle for a lesser payback. As their national hero, The Hoff, is probably not so bothered about a bit of nudity, we might just have to remember this snub when it comes to Eurovision next year…


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