Every mum needs to let her hair down, but come on Lily Allen! Now's Sarah Tetteh asks isn’t it time for Lily to to hang up her party shoes once and for all?


Every mum needs to let her hair down, but come on Lily Allen, after the couple of weeks you’ve had of festival hell, isn’t it time to hang up your party shoes once and for all?

Lily Allen hit headlines last weekend after she was pictured collapsed in a heap during Glastonbury Festival.

Paramedics reportedly had to rush to her aid after she was snapped unconscious.

Then last weekend at Wireless Fest we watched as poor Lily was turned away from VIP where celebs including Alesha Dixon, Brookyln Beckham and Niall Horan from One Direction were partying.

But the only direction Lily was heading was towards the exit gates as she was denied access as security did not recognise her.

Oh dear Lily, this is not good.

You’re a mum-of-two now, and 30-years-old at that!

Surely you should be having a more civilised festival by now. . .

These are scenes I’d expect to see from her when she was raving it up at Glasto in her early 20s, but not now she’s a ‘grown woman.’

Lily, who has spoken openly about her drug use in the past, turned her life around after meeting hubby Sam Cooper, and becoming a doting mum to her two daughters Ethel and Marnie, children she had wanted so long after suffering tragic miscarriages.

The chart-topping singer then hung up her microphone to become a shop owner, then a full-time mum to her kids, even attending bake-off’s in the countryside impressing other parents in the Cotswolds with her delicate fair.

Sounds amazing, but it’s not the Lily we all know and love.

She must have realised this too when she made her return to music and last year even toured with Miley Cyrus in the US.

Lily admitted she was ‘bored’ and said in an interview last March: ‘I mean, I’m not bored by my children. Actually, I am, you know,’ she told Hello! magazine. ‘The oldest one has only just started talking now. So it was really hard because you’re spending all day, every day, with two human beings that can’t communicate back to you. And for someone like me, when my whole existence is about communicating and response and reaction, it was quite frustrating. I felt like I needed to get out and do something else with my time.’

While it’s great she’s a working mum and embracing both taking care of her children while having a successful career, there comes a point where you have to realise perhaps it’s time to sit back and let the new breed of kids on the block make fools of themselves at festivals rather than you.

Come on Lily, get it together and give us something to Smile about again.

Lily Allen collapses at Glasto

Sarah Tetteh