Anyone for a game of bedroom tennis and a giggle? Yes please, Benedict Cumberbatch!

Despite being papped hanging out with a bunch of pretty girls in recent days, Benedict Cumberbatch has declared that he’s not about to get hitched any time soon.

‘It is a wonderful thing to get married young and become a father,’ Benedict says. ‘I used to think that I’d get married in my mid-30s and have children. But now I think I can wait. I’m no longer in a hurry to get married.’

Whoop! That means he’s still on the market, fellow Cumberbitches!! We’re still in with a chance!

The lovely Benedict‘s even said he’s prepared to wait for the right woman to come along… which means I’ve got even more time to plan my Cumberbatch-snaring campaign.

And the 37-year-old has given us loads of info as to how we can grab his attention – he likes ladies who don’t overdo the slap; he likes women who can have an enthralling conversation; and he likes to be laughed into bed… *sigh*

Oh, and he reckons that bedroom frolics should be like a doubles tennis match… Wait, what?!

There’s four people in a doubles tennis match, right? So what on earth is Benedict planning? Hmm, maybe this is why he’s been photographed with SO MANY young ladies recently.

Well, he did have a 12-year relationship with ex Olivia Poulet until 2012 – and split with another girlfriend Anna Jones earlier this year, so I guess Benedict has the right to play the field and notch up a tidy score on the bedpost.

I just hope Benedict‘s going to have room on that bedpost to squeeze me in for a volley or two…

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