Benedict Cumberbatch provides a welcome break from Hollywood robots

Benedict Cumberbatch was a slow burner for me. 

Without the obvious chocolate-box looks of a Bradley Cooper, or the action man credentials of a Jason Statham, I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. 

But I have to say I am now tentatively applying for membership of the Cumberbitches.

Around about the mid-nineties, Hollywood hunks went from being real men with an underlying sense of menace and shedloads of life experience, to pampered, preened teens with no idea how to change a wheel or start a fire.

In other words, the men turned into boys.

I think it can be dated to around the time Robert De Niro started getting embarrassing dad roles, and Leonardo DiCaprio, with his little cutesy baby face, starred in Titanic and melted the hearts of a million teenage girls.

It is fair to say that Benedict is a return to the good old days of Hollywood.

The Sherlock star has had his fair share of adventures and has talked about hallucinating after getting lost for several days whilst trekking across Nepal.

He also had a brush with death after being carjacked in South Africa.

He’s no fresh-faced teen at the age of 36, and nor has he been tamed by Hollywood PR men. Lest we forget the incident where he described Downton Abbey as ‘sentimental’ and ‘f*cking atrocious’.

Yay Ben! It was awful.

And here’s Ben on the subject of his first kiss, which brilliantly happened with a (lucky) girl called Mary when he was 11, and took place underwater: ‘The wettest lips you could possibly kiss.
I think that was definitely my first kiss. Unless I’d kissed a boy at school in a f***ing play.’

Did I mention that he swears a lot?

In a world of moronic LA replicants, Benedict can speak Latin and once taught English to Tibetan monks.

If all that fails to impress you, his mum was in Only Fools And Horses. Now that’s my kind of man.

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