R Kelly has taken things to the extreme with his super explicit new album Black Panties


A Saturday night out with friends, a few Old Skool jams and R Kelly‘s Summer Bunnies led a 10-strong group of 30-something girls jokingly locking arms and singing along.

But one of our crew had a problem with it: ‘Should we be dancing to this?’ she asked.

We laughed her off but her point has resonated.

What she was referring to was, of course, the underage sex allegations that have lurked around the singer like a bad smell despite the fact that he always denied charges and was acquitted of any wrongdoing.

But mainly, I have to say, it’s after closer inspection of the lyrics on latest album Black Panties.

Acquitted R Kelly may be, but he is 100 per cent guilty of being super cringy, very lewd and hugely rude.

My top pick? ‘So many damn hos in this f**king club/ Mess around and f**k a bitch right in this f**king club,’ from track titled Show Ya P***y’, and that’s one of the tamer ones.

I’m not one to get high and mighty over a good dance track – I can never stop my toes tapping to the controversial Blurred Lines for instance – but surely this is going too far?

Do we really need our teens listening to things like this? Isn’t it bad enough that they have Miley Cyrus shaking her posterior in their face every day? 

Certainly next time one of R Kelly‘s songs comes on the decks I might think twice before hitting the dancefloor.

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