Enough with all this Harry shame malarkey!

OK – I didn’t know Princess Diana as well as her biographer Andrew Morton. Actually, I didn’t know Princess Di at all.

But it’s surprised me that on the 15th anniversary of her death he’s said she would’ve been concerned about her son (now officially the world’s poshest pin-up) and his drunken behaviour if she were still alive.

In the wake of those naked Prince Harry pics taken while on a wild holiday in Las Vegas, he claimed: ‘She would have defended him like a lioness with her cub – after all, she was photographed topless on a Spanish holiday – but would have worried he is drinking far too much.

‘She may have wondered if it is time for him to step away from the cocktail bar, if not the cocktail waitresses. Doubtless he would tell her to pour herself a drink, keep calm and keep Tweeting.’

But I reckon he’s being a tad melodramatic.

As he’s literally just mentioned, Diana was photographed TOPLESS, so while I’m sure she might’ve rolled her eyes and cringed at the sight of her youngest son’s naked body, I hardly think she’d be fretting with worry.

Like mother – like son, I say. And we all know Di was no stranger to a bit of scandal and controversy – she certainly knew how to have a good time.

And that’s what we loved most about her, isn’t it?

She made being a princess human – not just a stiff-upper-lipped ideal that belongs to some dusty fairytale book. And Harry’s doing the same.

Deep down, I reckon she’d even be grinning at how her youngest son’s been able to let loose of those royal shackles and have himself some funtimes – like any other normal 27-year-old lad.

So enough with all this shame and concern already! The point, as Kate and Wills have proved, is we like seeing our royals doing human things.

Who can forget those love-struck pictures of the Duke and Duchess all touchy-feely over each other at the velodrome during the Olympic Games – the world went totally crazy for them.

So granted, when Harry was papped wearing a Nazi swastika for a fancy-dress party in 2005, that was probably a step too far.

But his nakedness? Oh no – that’s just made us (well, especially us girls) fall in love with him even more!

So someone get cracking on that Prince Harry calendar, eh?

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