Soz, Shayne, but you’re not Harry Styles – so stop whining on Twitter about not being in the new X Factor advert

The new X Factor promo advert is out. And it’s amazing!

Called #WhoseTimeIsNow (with a nifty hash tag and everything), it features The X Factor‘s biggest successes to date.

You’ll see One Direction, JLS, Leona Lewis, Olly Murs, Alexandra Burke and Little Mix reliving their stories and gushing about how great X Factor is. (Which it is.)

Now, we don’t wanna diss Shayne Ward TOO much. He is actually a big success in his own right, receiving rave reviews for playing Stacee Jaxx in the stage version of Rock Of Ages.

And he’s handsome, with an army of devoted fans.

But… he is HARDLY an X Factor success. So when we saw Shayne getting upset on Twitter, we thought we should be firm with him. Sometimes it’s the only way.

‘Just seen the new Xfactor promo video. Yet again it’s like im being erased slowly from their history. Pathetic really Would love to know why?’ he mused yesterday (@shayneTward).

Why, Shayne, why, you ask? Let us explain. Firstly, X Factor is, what they call – gasp – a competition.

Yeah, you won it. Which was pretty good. But then, in my opinion, you didn’t release any decent music after! Which is pretty much the point.

And so you’re in the Joe McElderry club. It’s not a bad place to be – you should just stick to the stage. It’s what you do best.

And secondly (and glaringly obviously), the video isn’t just your standard X Factor winners vid – it includes runners up, too.

Hence why Olly Murs, JLS and One Direction are included. It’s a promo advert for the biggest chart successes to come out of the show. Of which you are not, Shayne. That’s why. Ok?

We’re sorry! We’re sure you’re a lovely chap. But you’re just not Harry Styles.

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