Simon Cowell's baby mama Lauren Silverman makes normal mums look bad as she sizzles in a bikini


While most new mums shudder at the thought of letting it all hang out on a beach in a bikini a few months after having their baby, Lauren Silverman had other ideas.

Simon Cowell‘s girlfriend showed off her incredible bod in a two-piece as she enjoyed a sun-kissed holiday in Barbados with The X Factor judge and their 10-month-old baby Eric.

The 37-year-old American took it all in her stride as she paraded her toned post-baby bod, while lovingly cradling little Eric.

Most of us mums would be flustered carrying the baby, milk bottles, toys as well as the all-important Factor 50 baby sun cream, but Lauren looked as if it was just an average day.

We’ve got to take our (sun) hats off to Lauren – she is under the glare of the world’s media and is still not worried about any unfortunate angles that might reveal a little excess flab, cellulite, or stretch marks – probably because she hasn’t got any.

Instead Lauren looks like a Victoria’s Secret model in her slinky black number, which she paired with mirrored Aviators and a black cap to top off the cool factor. Lucky Simon.

The beauty of Lauren’s figure is that she has managed to get trim without losing her womanly curves. Her secret? One giveaway might be the cap she chose to wear. Close inspection reveals it says ‘Barry’s bootcamp’ on it. The company boasts that it specialises in cardio and strength workouts.

Simon, 55, himself looked in good nick as he confidently strutted his stuff in a pair of white swimming shorts.

While many of us might opt for a one piece, a sarong or a full-on cover up, it’s refreshing to see Lauren has lost none of her confidence and is going all out – embracing her yummy mummy status.

But perhaps Lauren is under more pressure than most of us to
lose weight and look fab – Simon is still close to his hot hareem of
ex-girlfriends including the super buff Sinitta who is no stranger to showing off her banging bod in a two piece… or just leaves, for that matter.

us mere mortals shouldn’t feel TOO bad. Not all of us have at our
disposal the money to spend on childcare that would allow us the time to focus on working out whenever we can. Heck, we’d even have a personal chef to cook the healthiest
recipes if we had the funds. Then, we’d definitely look like this too. *cough

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