(and no Harper Beckham, not just because David and Victoria are your parents)

2011 saw me with dip-dyed hair, have failed experiments with coloured denim and begin my obsession with Harper Beckham.

Yup Posh and Becks’ number one gal turned a whole three years old yesterday and in this short stretch of time has already managed to be cooler than me, you, him, her and that really awesome dog over there.

Thinking: Shut up Lauren, I’m way cooler, cut my own fringe an’ everything’? Well calm down and get a load of why you’re wrong.

1) Her name is Harper. Maaannnnn I was so annoyed when D&V called their girl Harper. That’s my girl name’ I hissed. They don’t even care who Harper Lee is. They probably think Atticus Finch is an early calculator.’ But regardless of whether they knew who Harper Lee was or not, they did give their girl a name that’s strong, creative and pretty. Well done.

2) Her middle name is Seven. Lucky init.

3) She rocks the top-knot. Anyone who can make one look cool and not like their mum is carting them off to ballet wins in my book.

4) She gets to spend A LOT of time in David‘s arms. All I want in life is for David Beckham to pick me up and carry me while he runs errands.

5) She knows rude jokes. Yup her brothers taught her the elephant joke.’ I don’t know what it is, but I’m certain it’s REALLY COOL.

6) Her cheeks. HER CHEEKS.


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