First SeSe Foster and Abi Alton take a trip to A&E, then Shelley Smith tells all about The X Factor lurgy…

What’s going on behind the scenes at The X Factor? The contestants are falling like flies – some literally. It’s practically turning into an episode of Casualty!

First six-months pregnant Miss Dynamix star SeSe Foster collapses as she’s about to take to the stage to perform on Saturday’s show.

SeSe, 22, was rushed to hospital as a precaution but later discharged and sent home to recover with no ill effects, thankfully.

Then 19-year-old hopeful Abi Alton is also rushed to hospital after falling down a flight of stairs after her performance on Saturday.

Abi too is now back in The X Factor contestants’ house and recovering from bashing her back.

Have X Factor producers got the ambulance service on speed dial? If not they better seriously consider it!

And then we find out that Sunday’s reject Shelley Smith, 35, had passed out earlier in the week because of a mystery virus that’s been working its way through the contestants’ house.

‘There’s been a virus going around the house,’ said Shelley after being voted off the show on Sunday. ‘I was really ill the day before, I passed out, we’ve all been passing out.’

Yikes! Who’ll be next to fall victim to The X Factor lurgy? Is anyone safe? Will there be more stories of vomiting and fainting on next weekend’s show?

Or is there some kind of curse over The X Factor house? Is Brucie sticking pins in voodoo dolls in a bid to increase Strictly ratings? Surely not.

Maybe it just comes down to the fact that these X Factor hopefuls are just being worked too hard…

Take it easy, guys, this is supposed to be light entertainment, not life or death!


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