Mario Falcone has quit ALL things sex for 40 days. And the boy's struggling (no surprise there!)

I think – think – I’ve finally come down from my heart palpitating sugar high caused by last night’s pancake binge and now face 40 days free from nature’s crack after quitting the evil substance for lent.

It’s not that I’m religious – I just quite like fitting into my skinnies and wouldn’t mind hanging onto my real teeth if poss.

But if I thought that was a challenge, I’ve had to spare a thought for Mario Falcone who has quit the only thing better than sugar – SEX.

Lucy Mecklenburgh’s ex posted this picture of his ‘celibacy face’ on Instagram after quitting the lovemaking – and that includes ALL ‘personal’ sexual-related activity – for 40 days.

And just look what it’s doing to him!


But don’t worry. Mario – who admitted to Now that he’s slept with over 500 women – has already got the shoulder of playboy Calum Best to lean on.

Though, the TOWIE star says he’s already got a case of #blueballs. Oof.

Anyway, good luck pal and let us know how it goes. (At least you can comfort-eat cookies when temptation gets really tough)

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