Kim can't do anything right - she's crucified if she hides away or shares her happiness online

Take a look at your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed.

Chances are, there’s a new mum or two posting cute pictures of her bundle of joy for all to see (with a zillion ensuing likes’ and/or comments).

And if you’re too young for that, then trust me, in a few years your Facebook feed will be swamped with cute little babies. That’s just life!

People like to document their babies – because they don’t stay babies for long. Artists have painted babies for years. The Victorians? Google Victorian baby photo’ and you’ll see they were at it, too.

This is hardly a new thing.

So, obviously, Kim Kardashian is sharing the occasional – and I repeat, very occasional – photo of five-month-old baby North West.

Kim is known for LOVING Instagram, but to be honest, I actually think she’s kept her documentation of her first-born pretty minimal.

She shared two new pictures of baby North today (see above), and obviously, she’s already getting shot down for it.

Oh, shut it, haters.

Kim‘s actually been pretty private with her baby, and anyone in his or her right mind can see that North is GORGEOUS.

Kim‘s doing what any new mum would do. So leave her to it!

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