Kristen starred with Riley in The Runaways - so what

People have been saying that Kristen Stewart is ‘gutted like a fish’ over news that her ex Robert Pattinson is dating her former co-star and friend Riley Keough, 24.

Well, they didn’t use those words, but you get the picture.

Please. For the first time since ever, Kristen has been cracking a smile recently. Finally free of the shackles of her relationship, and most of all the constraints of the Twilight franchise, its psycho fans and the studio demands, she looks relieved.

This week, she outshone Rihanna (who once again looks as if she hadn’t finished getting dressed) at a Chanel Paris Fashion Show at the Grand Palais in France. Dressed in a white double-breasted jacket and super-hot leather fingerless gloves, it was impossible to look at anyone else.

The truth is that not only is she now free to do what she wants, but her star is on the rise.

Hollywood is a fickle place, but as long as it continues to lack anyone with much charisma the interest in Kristen can only rise and rise. I don’t believe she gives a flying one who Rob, 27, is sleeping with now, and why should she.

I wondered at the time why criticism of Kristen was so virulent after her affair with Rupert Sanders, 42. After all, he was the married parent, while at 23 and with the world at her feet, Kristen is far too young to settle down. And why should she fulfil the fantasies of the Twi-hards?

It seems that tedious people suddenly discover their Victorian morals when it comes to beautiful girls they are jealous of.

At the heart of these moral outrage stories, it’s always people wanting to slap down anyone they know their boyfriend would cheat on them for.

Well, get over it people. Not everyone can be as hot as Kristen Stewart and I suspect Rob knows that as well.

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