Who cares if the bill was his or not - Spencer's just showing off. As per usual...

So, Spencer Matthews‘ latest party trick is to Tweet a photo of a bar bill – for £488,706.08.

The extraordinary tab was run up at private members’ club Morton’s, in Berkeley Square, Mayfair.

Membership there will set you back a cool £1,000 a year – although Spencer, 25, would qualify for the Under 30s rate.

But I’d be more worried about the cost of the drinks, to be fair.

I’m guessing the bill was a mistake, though. Right!?

Or that Spennie found it on the floor.

Or both.

But whatever – he’s just showing off. As usual! Mr Fancy Pants was in a members-only club – lah dee dah.

We know you’re loaded, already, Spencer. (But not for a second do I believe that bill had anything to do with you. So there.)

Nothing to see, move along now children, etc.

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