Hollyoaks, Grey's Anatomy and EastEnders - it's not just Game of Thrones that likes a bit of shock and gore with its wedding vows

If there’s one rule our favourite TV characters should learn, it’s this: Never, ever, EVER accept a wedding invite.

It’s just not worth the bother – unless you thrive on bloodshed of course.

Game of Thrones fans have only just recovered from the shock of Season Three’s Red Wedding. But if they had thought their adrenal glands were going to get a break in season four, they’re watching the wrong show quite frankly.

Evil King Joffrey has finally got his comeuppance.

And now to, um, commemorate the Purple Wedding, we count down our top 10 most explosive TV weddings ever…

10: Avery’s declaration on Grey’s Anatomy: We’ve been waiting and waiting for Avery to realise he’s MEANT to be with April. But it’s only when she’s standing at the altar with her hot-but-boring-virgin boyfriend, that Avery finally gets the courage to tell her how he really feels. Okay, so it’s the one wedding on our list with no bloodshed but we were still left in tears…(we may also have watched this A LOT of times)

9. Chuck and Blair tie knot to escape jail: They were one of TV’s most twisted couples but this Gossip Girl pair was just so damn right together. And, so how better for the pair to finally get wed than while on the run for the murder of Chuck’s dad? TBH, no one liked Bass Snr anyway, so we were kind of glad they got their spousal privilege and beat the law…

8. Revenge backfires on Emily: She’s spent three seasons plotting to bring down the Graysons and avenge her father’s death, but Emily’s big plan backfires when she’s shot and thrown overboard on her wedding day…

7. Stella falls from grace on EastEnders: let’s face it – every EastEnders wedding could appear on this list. But if we have to be selective it’s got to be evil Stella’s swan dive off the roof on her wedding day to Phil Mitchell in 2010.

6. Neighbours nuptials go with a bang: The Aussie soap’s long-suffering Toadie was hoping it’d be third time lucky when he wed Sonya Mitchell (not the trumpet-playing one). But his hopes went up in smoke (ahem) when there was an explosion at the reception which killed off half their guests. But, hey, they were probably barbecuing anyway…

5. Hollyoaks‘ Texas takes the plunge (literally): Poor Dodger! First he has to watch the love of his life Texas marry his brother because she feels guilty for putting him in a wheelchair.
THEN as she tries to escape, Will pushes her out of the window to her death. And the twist – he was only pretending to be paralysed all along. Now that’s cold.

4. King Joffrey is dead, Long Live King Joffrey!: Game of Thrones bosses struck again on Monday after killing off His Evil Highness Joffrey on his wedding day to Majorie Tyrell. Dubbed the Purple Wedding, the episode disposed of yet another major character leaving all the viewers (who’ve not read the books) with their jaws well and truly dropped.

3. Hollyoaks’ wedding crashers: When Cindy and Tony and Ste and Doug decided on a double wedding, it was as obvious it was likely to go as well as an EastEnders’ Christmas. But it wasn’t just the fact that Cindy was having an affair with her hubby-to-be ex-fiancee’s husband (Confused?) that caused some drama. No, the scriptwriters sent a busload of students crashing into the wedding venue – killing off a huge four characters.

2. Dynasty‘s own Red Wedding: Long before the Lannisters slaughtered the Starks, America’s one-time legendary soap opera had its own wedding massacre. In 1985, socialite Amanda Carrington wed Prince Michael of Moldavia (yeah, it’s TOTALLY realistic). But the party turned to bloodshed as terrorists gunned down the entire party. A whopping 60 million in US and UK were left on a cliffhanger to see which of their favourite characters survived…

1. Game of Thrones‘ Red Wedding: Yep, what else could it possibly be? We guess George RR Martin had a really bad experience at a wedding as a child because he seems to think nuptials just aren’t the same without a bit of slaughter. And no episode sets the bar higher that Season Three’s Rains of Castamere. In violence – only topped by Sky’s Spartacus series – the show bosses taught us a STARK lesson about ever attending a wedding in the Westeros.

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