Why I think my love affair with James Franco could be over...


Put it away James Franco! Geez, how many naked selfies does a man need? My Instagram feed is so full of James, his moody (sexy) face and hairy torso, pouting at the camera and looking at me with those eyes, nobody else can get a look in… Oh look, there he is again!

Last month, I couldn’t get enough of James, 36, after he tried to woo a 17-year-old Scottish teenager on Instagram with the chat up line, ‘Should I rent a room.’ It was so ridiculous that a Hollywood actor would do something like that. She told the world. I was jealous. I even wrote a blog to James promising that if he did it to me I wouldn’t tell anyone.

But geez, this Instagram selfie obsession that followed, wreaks of so much desperation I’m not even interested in him anymore. Honest! Ahem…

This week was the final straw for my love affair with the Of Mice and Men actor when he posted a selfie standing in front of the mirror in his bathroom with his hands down his pants exposing his pubic hair and almost his bits and bobs. WTF? I wouldn’t expect anything less from lads on Tinder but this is hot Hollywood actor James Franco.

Last week James posted another selfie where he appeared to be naked in bed but had a sheet draped across him with the caption: ‘WTF HAPPENED? I was waiting for you!!!!!’

And a few days before that there was a similar one saying: ‘APPLE SLICES IN MY BED – I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DIDNT SHOW UP!’

Sigh. Look James, you don’t need to keep doing these OTT topless selfies, look, here’s my number just send them direct… 07*********


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