1D star Harry Styles would NOT condone Caroline Flack being taunted

I was actually appalled this week by an ‘article’ in a One Direction fan rag that spent an entire page clumsily pulling Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack apart.

Ever since her connection with Harry Styles, 18, there’s been so much speculation in the press about every aspect of her, and her relationship with the One Direction star.

Despite an age difference that would be insignificant if the man was the older one, Caroline continues to get abuse – making me wonder if she wishes she’d never even bothered.

I met Caroline for the first time before she even did Xtra Factor. She was warm, funny, beautiful and talented. She is exactly the same now and getting a higher profile has not changed her in the slightest.

Caroline takes anything that is written about her with good grace and is always willing to have a laugh at her own expense. She’s witty and generous when she has every right to be cautious or evasive.

When she embarked on a relationship with Harry, neither of them could have imagined the scrutiny it would have put them under.

Who could have predicted that his band One Direction would become one of, if not THE biggest band in the world?

Due to this turn of events and despite the fact the romance is over and they remain friends, she still gets grief. One Direction fans are loyal of course, but some take it too far and in a way that the boys themselves would not approve of at all.

The magazine in question depicted Caroline as some sort of voodoo doll and made poor jokes about her skin, age, and – shock horror – crow’s feet. God forbid any of us should ever be afflicted with such a thing!

Luckily, after initially being hurt by the article (who wouldn’t be) she laughed it off, Tweeting: ‘I’ve never had so many nice messages in one afternoon!!! Me and my crows feet are thankful.’

Whoever wrote the piece clearly didn’t think that should Harry get wind of it, or even any of the One Direction boys, they would slate it for the bullying trash it is.

No matter who she goes out with, Caroline Flack, or anyone for that matter, doesn’t deserve such pointless jealous vitriol from any moron with a computer.

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