Spineless cyber weight bullies insulting Lauren Goodger really make ME sick - and guess what, they're women!

My heart goes out to Lauren Goodger. No matter what she wears, who she’s out with or where she’s at, people always manage to take an unflattering photo of her.

We all take a bad photo now and again but we can de-tag ourselves in an instant or delete the pic. But imagine if the whole world can see those awful pics and everyone is laughing at you or insulting you on a daily basis. It must be horrendous!

The sad thing is, in real life Lauren is tiny – just a size 8-10 – but the poor girl is tortured relentlessly on Twitter about her weight.

Today I read disgusting comments about her, including:

Lauren Goodger has said she will be like a Victoria’s Secret model by Christmas. So she’s delusional as well as fat.’

‘Makes me sick the way that Lauren Goodger always has her belly out, she might be famous but she’s still fat’

Well, I tell you what, these spineless cyber bullies really make ME sick. And guess what? Those comments are from women to another woman. How utterly shameful.

This week Lauren even confessed that taunts about her weight have forced her to hit the scales every single day because it keeps her motivated.

She said: ‘It motivates me to carry on. I will get fit and I will look good but it’s going to happen gradually – it’s not going to happen overnight.’

Lauren, love, please stop. Breathe. Stop reading Twitter and get on with living and loving your life.

You don’t need to lose weight, you are beautiful just the way you are.

And you certainly don’t need to justify yourself to these pathetic women-bashing idiots.

Take a leaf out of your mate Frankie Essex‘s book – in this week’s Now she poses naked and unairbrushed proudly showing off every curve. There are bits she likes and bits she doesn’t, but hey, that’s life. And show me a woman who truly loves every bit of her body – it’s impossible!

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