As fans slam cricketer Shane Warne for turning into a ‘sheila’, Now’s Justine Harkness gives her view

When I used to party with Shane Warne back in the early 90s, he was Australia‘s hero – the true blue, fair dinkum tubby bowler who loved his beer, mates and any blonde he could get his hands on.

And then along came Liz Hurley.

Emerging from her London townhouse last week, the cricketing legend was slammed for his new feminine looks, sporting svelte hips and even Liz‘s lip gloss.

Yes, lip gloss. You’re jokin’ aren’t ya, Warney?

I hope he doesn’t fall asleep in his sunbed,’ said fellow Aussie Dame Edna Everage.

Liz might come home and find a rasher of bacon sizzling away in the spare room.’

Even Shane‘s loyal Aussie fans are a bit stumped at how he’s taken a page out of Brad Pitt‘s book and is looking more and more like his sheila every day.

OK, that’s it – I’m staging an intervention,’ Tweeted one disgusted Aussie.

The man’s turning into a Ken doll!’

Amid a whirlwind of speculation that he’s had surgery and taken to wearing make-up, the newly metrosexual Shane, 41, had to get his girlfriend to defend him – the sissy.

The 46-year-old actress took to Twitter to blast the rumours, saying: SW does not wear eye make-up or have an eyeliner tattoo… Neither does he wear lip gloss – he’d prob just given me a kiss & got a bit of mine.’

OK, but you can’t deny his transformation is bigger than a wombat’s bum.

The hair, the eyes, the gormless I’m so cool’ expression – it’s not the Fosters-swilling bloke I knew, the one who’d always be the last man standing after a beer-a-thon.

Even his veranda over his tool shed [Aussie slang for his pot belly] has gone.

What’s next, I wonder? A flamin’ safety pin dress? 

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