Tamara Ecclestone has been praised for 'empowering' women, but others have said she should have kept it private. Now's Victoria Kennedy is in awe

Tamara Ecclestone has divided opinion after posting a picture of herself breastfeeding her 15-month-old daughter on Instagram.

While many have praised her for ’empowering’ other women, others have sniffed that she ought to keep such things ‘private’.

Personally, I’m filled with admiration. There is something liberating about seeing a mother confidently feeding her child in public – because too many women are still being made to feel uncomfortable for doing so.

I admit, when my daughter was a baby, there were a number of occasions when I was so worried about ‘offending’ people with my, er, boobs that I secretly took her to the restaurant loos to ‘change her nappy’ before silencing her hungry cries behind closed doors.

Isn’t that depressing? People don’t even bat an eyelid if they see a mum feeding a child with a bottle, why should doing something as natural as breastfeeding be any different?

Beautifully, Tamara – who is currently on holiday in the Bahamas with her husband Jay Rutland and little girl Sophia – doesn’t even appear to have realised the affect her picture would have. She posted the picture yesterday with the breezy comment: ‘All that swimming is thirsty work ‘

The photo has since received more than 200 comments.

Many are positive. ‘Stunning moment! Keep it up! #NORMALIZEBREASTFEEDING’; ‘good on you. Natural and proud to show it’ and ‘This makes me feel comfortable to breastfeed in public!’ were among many of the words said by followers who praised the socialite.

Others were less nice. One wrote: ‘This is a little bit much’, another said: ‘I breastfed but I’m sure that child should have a choice whether they have this for the world to see on social media’ another just said ‘kinda weird’.

So should Tamara, 30, have posted this picture? What do you think?