Taylor Swift is still banging on about boys. Because generally, they’re a bit rubbish!


I’ve been on countdown for the past week. Not for last night’s episodes of Homeland and Downton Abbey, both excellent as always, but T-Day. Taylor Swift day. TODAY!

After months of anticipation, millions of Swifties will finally download her fourth studio album, Red, today. It’s got 16, yes 16, tracks.

And boys will no doubt groan. Because what Taylor Swift does best is writing about how us girls really feel when we fall in love. And, more importantly, during a break up. And after a break up. And just before a break up.

There’s nothing Taylor Swift likes more than a bit of boy bashing. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, hello?!

I might be a few years older than Miss Swift, but her insights into the emotional rollercoaster of relationships speak directly to any girl post-puberty, single or married.

Taylor Swift gets to moan about men because she does it so well. Yes, she can be a bit melancholy and totally neurotic at times. But aren’t we all? And at least she pokes fun at herself too.

Now she’s hanging out with some cool Brits too. On Red, Taylor Swift duets with Ed Sheeran (Everything Has Changed) and Snow Patrol singer Gary Lightbody (The Last Time), who are both masters of storytelling and two of my favourite singers.

But I have to admit, I’m worried. Taylor‘s smitten with Connor Kennedy. And selfishly, I don’t like it. What if she’s already found her happy ever after? And stops moaning about men on all her albums? And empowering girls to think, ‘You’re not treating me right, it’s over.’

So Taylor Swift, be happy. Just don’t ditch the angst, OK?

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