REVEALED! The secret song Taylor will write for Harry Styles when he breaks her heart

It’s official. Haylor are in love!

I’m so excited about Taylor Swift and Harry Styles dating.

She’s gone out with some right fools in the past – hello John Mayer – and at least Harry’s dating a woman only four years older than him.

But if their dating history is anything to go by, this could end badly. Poor Taylor is already getting death threats from One Direction fans’.

And they have that whole long distance relationship issue to tackle. And we all know how difficult that can be.

So if Harry ends up dumping her and breaking Taylor‘s heart, I can only imagine the song she’ll write…

Hurry back Harry

It was a cold winter night when you took my hand in New York City
You looked into my eyes and told me I was pretty
Those girls screamed your name but the only name on your lips was mine
You told me you loved me and everything seemed fine

The whole world was watching but they couldn’t see the real us
You stood there smiling, not wanting to make a big fuss
But a million miles stood between us and the hours raced away
You told me you’d wait for me but I couldn’t make you stay

Hurry back, hurry back, I can’t live without you
Another day without you by my side
Run away, run away, with me to another life
Right now is the only moment, we don’t need to hide
Yesterday has gone and I want to be your wife

P.S. Dear Taylor,
I wrote this song in 10 minutes. If you’d like to buy it, please contact Now magazine.
Best, Caroline


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