Coronation Street has been nail-biting…

Coronation Street has been explosive this week, in more ways than one. (Pardon the pun).

Unless you’ve been living in a blacked-out cave with NO form of communication, you’ll at least be vaguely clued-up with this week’s epic Corrie storylines.

Steve MacDonald’s heart-warming wedding to Michelle Connor, Kevin Webster’s nutty new girlfriend Jenny who attempts to run off with Kev’s kid and the jaw-droppingly intense fire, which burned down Corrie’s fancy Victoria Court flats.

Being honest, I actually broke a sweat watching Thursday night’s episode – my heart was practically pounding under my PJs.

The fire, which was sparked by evil Tracy Barlow (played brilliantly by actress Kate Ford might I add), resulted in the death of Kal Nazir, one of Weatherfield’s most recent residents.

Jimi Mistry, who plays Kal on the ITV show, described his exit plot as ‘fantastic’ adding: ‘It was a great end to the character, but it also gives so much future to the Nazir family as well – and there’ll be a lot of drama for them because of this.’

It was certainly gripping. Tears, screams, raging flames – you name it, Corrie had it. In fact, Thursday night’s episode was watched by over 8.4 million fans. Check out some of the behind-the-scenes pics!

It’s basically been a Coronation Street lover’s dream. Not only has Corrie been on EVERY night this week (at 9- FYI), it’s just been non-stop blimmin’ drama. Y’know those moments when you’re so wrapped up in the TV that your lower jaw starts to drop, sometimes followed by a drop of dribble…? Er, yeah. That was me on Thursday evening.

Unless you hadn’t grasped, I am a serious Corrie lover. Hmm, well I say lover, but I mean serious enthusiast. OK, so maybe addict is a better word.

Since the age of 8 I’ve been glued to my screen, tuning into Corrie on a regular basis. At 24, I’ve racked up an impressive 16 years of Weatherfield watching. Richard Hillman’s murder marathon, the tram-crash and even the moment Curly Watts’ stalker locked herself in a supermarket freezer and froze to death.

This week has just re-affirmed my love for Corrie.

Not a fan? Oh. Well this is awkward. I don’t think we can be friends. (Kidding. Obviously.)

So what actually went into the dramatic fire scenes?

Not only was it the biggest fire ever seen on Corrie, but it required a serious amount of work.

Danny Hargreaves, boss at Real SFX effects team said: ‘We had 30 large gas bottles and a huge amount of explosives. A special effects team of six controlled the fire ignition and we worked alongside the firefighters from Rapid Fire who also work on a lot of TV and film fires,’ adding:

‘The temperatures within the sets were extreme. Everyone had to wear fire-proofed clothing and all the sets are coated to ensure that nothing actually catches fire. The fire can literally be turned on and off in seconds.’

Forget Friday after-work drinks. I’ll be donning my PJs and dressing-gown as I cosy up to another riveting episode of Corrie tonight.