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Ten reasons why KIEFER SUTHERLAND is actually cooler than JACK BAUER

1. Because his real name is Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland. How spectacular!

2. Cos he’s a London lad, innit. Kiefer was born in Paddington, Westminster, on December 21, 1966.

3. He was engaged to Hollywood royalty Julia Roberts, like, way back.

*Although Julia might not think Kiefer’s so cool. She broke of their engagement three days before their planned wedding in 1991 allegedly because Sutherland had been meeting with a stripper named Amanda Rice. DRAMZ!
Kiefs denied having an affair and said they only met because he liked to play pool, y’know. However, Julia weren’t buying it and went to Ireland with Kiefer’s best pal Jason Patric on the day of their wedding. DOUBLE DRAMZ!

4. He takes the p*ss out of Jack Bauer by playing a paradoy of the 24 character in bizarre Japanese commercials for energy food supplement CalorieMate. If you’re not Googling this now YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND

5. He plays the voice of Punished Snake (aka Big Boss) in the upcoming video games Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Erm, who wouldn’t want to be the voice of a character called Punished Snake!?

6. He’s a mahoosive guitar collector, most of which are Gisbon Les Pauls – cos guitars are by law, COOL. The Gibson Custom shop even released a guitar signed by Sutherland called the KS-336, as part of their ‘Inspired By’ series.

7. His fave band is Queen and has confessed he’s been headbanging to em’ ever since he was a little child

8. He’s a twin. True ting.

9. He headbutted fashion designer Jack McCollough in May 2009 – allegedly in defence of Brooke Shields. He later apologised – and headbutting someone really isn’t really cool. But it is SO something Jack Bauer would do…

10. The man’s making more 24! #87DaysEncounting