He's a complex character is that Will Smith's son Jaden…

Have you read the joint interview with Willow and Jaden Smith yet? Oh it’s just your usual celebrity chat about time, energy, melancholiness, quantum physics, and being a fragment of holographic reality.

In other words it’s the most amazingly obnoxious thing I’ve ever read. I’m obsessed, even if I do want to slap myself across the face for being made to feel inadequate by a couple of teenagers.

Why is Jaden telling me that when I think of an apple I’m also thinking about the opposite of an apple? What is the opposite of an apple? A banana? An aerosol can? Who am I? Am I apple?

Back in 2010, I had the surreal experience of being in the presence of Jaden, along with his dad, Will Smith and mum, Jada Pinkett. He was 12, doing the press for his Karate Kid film, and seemed like really didn’t want to be there. You shouldn’t have worried Jaden babes, in a parallel universe you were off somewhere else thinking about apples.

I completely understand that as a teenager, having to deal with a bunch of press isn’t exactly your dream way to spend a day, but as a handful of other journalists and I sat at a table to interview him we were all very polite and smiley. However, for every question that was asked the replies were one worded if we were lucky, and the rest of the time an eye roll.

And not just any eye roll, it was the kind of eye roll that said: ‘Who are you? I hate you. Why are you even here?’

Oh why are any of us here, Jaden?

We’re used to child actors being shiny, happy and sickly sweet people, ready to turn on the charm and tap dance for us at any given opportunity. Jaden just sat there, elbows on table, head in hands, behaving like some parody of a teenager. It was awkward.

After a few painful minutes of Jaden making us feel like he wanted us all to die, dad Big Will (aka The Most Charismatic Man On Earth) stepped in to do the speaking. Luckily he’d had a hand in producing the film, so it didn’t seem too much like he was doing it because of his son’s behaviour.

For every eye roll and death stare that we’d received from Jaden, we were won back over with Will‘s down-to-earth natural charm, sense of humour and pretty, pretty eyes. Did you know his eyes were so pretty? The camera really doesn’t do them justice.

At the time I found it strange that someone as lovely and apparently unaffected as Will could have raised a son with such terrible manners and general contempt.

I don’t dislike Jaden and his sister Willow for coming across arrogant and inaccessible in their interview. They’re Hollywood kids, I don’t want them to sit there and talk about Ariana Grande or whatever the hell other teenagers talk about, I’m just shocked at the total lack of charm that they do it all with.

Guess all the charm genes went to Will. Sorry Jaden.

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