After seeing the tour, I want to keep my 90s memories safely locked away thanks Big Reunion!

The 2014 Big Reunion Boy Band Tour kicked off in Sheffield last Friday with old school tunes and cringey dance moves from the likes of 911, 3T, Damage, Blue, 5ive and newbies, Fifth Story.

Feeling super excited and with my nostalgia head on, I headed to Saturday night’s live show at London’s O2 arena. Was it what I expected? Hmmm, yes and no. Although it was fun to reminisce, part of me couldn’t help but think that it was all a little dated…

Here’s what Saturday’s blast-from-the-past taught me:

The three 911 members, Lee Brennan, 41, Spike Dawburn, 40, and Jimmy Constable, 43, busted out back flips, floor squats and arm thrashing. Unsurprisingly, Spike looked cream-crackered – he’s no longer a twenty-something spring chicken and it was a bit of a watching-through-splayed-fingers moment.

When 5ive came on, the crowd went wild, despite lead singers Abz Love and Jason ‘J’ Brown being absent. Yeah, it was fun bopping along to Keep On Movin’ but it’s just not the same when your teenage crushes are no longer the ‘bad boys of pop’. Instead, they’re all mature and grown-up.

Scott Robinson, 34, is married with four kids, Ritchie Neville, 35, just had a baby with Natasha Hamilton and Sean Conlon, 33, is married and has one child. Boring.

Fifth Story, formed in 2013 and made up of Dane Bowers, Kenzie from Blazin’ Squad, Adam Rickett, Gareth Gates and Kavana, weren’t even a 90s group and it felt as though they were just desperately trying to cling onto their faded musical careers.

Although my love for Kenzie and Adam Rickitt still runs deep (Yes, I was a hoarder of Smash Hits’ Blazin Squad posters and Adam’s naked-in-a-glass-box music video used to turn me into a tomato), I reckon it’s time for these pop lads to break it off.

Nevertheless, the groups did try and keep up with the modern era; each boyband requested the arena lights to come on so that they could take a selfie with the crowd behind them.

The first time was funny, the second was giggle-worthy but by the time all six groups had taken a snap AND practically begged the crowd to re-tweet it, the whole ‘selfie’ thing was getting a little yawn-worthy. Seriously, camera phones DID NOT exist in the 90s and as for selfies! Pah!

Basically, I don’t want my teenage memories ruined. I want to remember swooning over Ritchie Neville from 5ive, signing ‘Lucy Rickitt’ over my school books and blu-tacking magazine cut-outs of A1’s Ben Adams on my bedroom door.

These memoirs belong in my tween years. Nowadays, I’m dancing to house music and crushing over One Direction’s Liam Payne. Times have changed and (most) people have moved on.

I loved the Big Reunion show but the past should remain in the past.

Lucy Gornall