Celebs, since when has being ill been cool? No more IV selfies please

There seems to be an unnerving trend of celebs showing off when they’re ill. Seeking attention with an ambiguous Instagram picture with needles sprouting out of their arms, or sprawled out on a hospital bed a la Katie Price, sans knickers.

Even coining it’s own nickname – #illfie – Cara Delevingne recently shared a photo of herself and Michelle Rodriguez hooked up to a drip with the caption ‘IV Drippin’, worrying her fans in the process. Luckily, it was just vitamins to treat a cold.

Unsurprisingly, Rihanna‘s guilty of this, dare I say it, ‘trend’ also. Towie‘s Sam Faiers has been in on the act, posting a picture of her body wired up to a drip for her mystery illness, the caption said ‘just woke up’. 

When I had the flu and was bored out of my mind in bed (not taking pictures of myself) I came across a picture of Danielle O’Hara on Twitter. She too was poorly, she tweeted ‘Still in bed!! Full of flu and got the NTAs tonight hope I feel better #hatebeingsick’.

A few hours later there was a picture of her on the red carpet looking pretty healthy, so obviously not flu then. Flu is when you don’t leave the house for six days, nor wash your hair or update your Facebook status.

Personally if I’m ill, or god forbid in hospital, the last thing I think of doing is tweeting a picture of myself. Although it’s pretty rare that I tweet a picture of myself looking ‘normal’, finding a half-decent picture is a hard enough task at the best of times.

Am sure no one would have appreciated me sharing pictures of me having nerve block injections last week, with my forehead producing cartoon-esque bumps. Sure I craved a little love and attention at the time, but compared to people who are actually properly ill, this was nothing.

It’s not cool, it certainly doesn’t look nice and it’s even more sickening when that person is simply on a vitamin drip. God forbid what those celebs on vitamin drips would do if they were seriously ill. They need to get a little perspective and stick to annoying us with glam selfies instead.