Why ex Big Brother 'star' Kenneth Tong's vile jokes about the Take That star's stillborn daughter are the lowest of the low


Reality TV stars will go to any lengths to garner a slither of publicity once their five minutes of fame is up.

But I was literally left disgusted when I read vile ‘jokes’ about the death of Gary Barlow‘s baby, made by sick former Big Brother contestant Kenneth Tong, 27, on his Twitter account.

This little urchin, who has 180,000 followers, used Take That lyrics to make jibes after the couple’s fourth child, Poppy was delivered stillborn on 4 August, just two weeks before her due date.

Who the hell does he think he is? For someone who looks like the love child of Lord Of The Rings character Gollum and Quasimodo, he really needs to keep his vile thoughts to himself.

And to make matters worse there wasn’t even an ounce of remorse.

In response to outraged fans he said: I don’t care what people think. If people want to talk about me, I’m going to use it to my advantage.’

He went on to add: I’m highly educated I know what’s right and what’s wrong but the guy’s not going to read it. Why can’t I say what I want?’

Er, because it’s cruel and sick maybe?

After leaving the Big Brother house in 2009 the so-called millionaire was forced to return to the little hovel he escaped from as no one, literally no one, gave two hoots about him.

Why didn’t he think of doing what other failed reality stars do – like panto?

Clearly deluded he even took advantage of the situation to beg for a date from model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 25.

What’s wrong with this man? I’ve heard of cruel Twitter trolls but he really takes the biscuit.

If I wasn’t a decent person I’d end my rant with a couple of choice words that begin with f and end with f!

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