Despite the Spice Girls, the London 2012 Closing Ceremony wasn't a patch on the Opening - and what about the Paralympics?

So, that’s that then, the end of the Olympic Games 2012. From such an incredible and moving Opening Ceremony, to coming third in the league table, I think Team GB have well and truly done us proud.

Never have I heard that word uttered so much amongst friends. Who’d have thought a bit of sport could pull everyone together and create such a sense of pride and unity?

But what the hell happened with the Closing Ceremony? And why it was held before the Paralympics has taken place is beyond me.

I’d been looking forward to it ever since Danny Boyle‘s opening masterpiece. I hate to put a dampener on things but it was pretty disappointing.

As much as I love Emeli Sande‘s Read All About It, why did she sing it twice? (Although the second time was miles better.)

And then playing songs on a loop – I’m praying that was an unfortunate technical hitch.

Yes, One Direction were ace, one for the kids and the housewives. Jessie J was attention seeking as usual in a ‘look-at-me-don’t-I-look-naked-but-not-really-catsuit’.

Stomp? Why are they still around? At least Elbow were there to belt out one of the most apt songs there could be, A Day Like This – not just a wedding song now (yes, I had it too).

Old George Michael was doing so well until he started singing a song no one knows. This wasn’t the time for plugging your new single, George, I know you nearly died but that doesn’t make it OK. 

Apparently he was quoted as saying: You wouldn’t want to be fat at the Olympics Closing Ceremony.’ I think he looked pretty good considering, but that was the least of his worries.

Little Ed Sheeran pulled off one of my all-time favourite songs – Pink Floyd‘s Wish You Were Here – pretty well but I was left slightly traumatised by the bloke on the tightrope being set on fire at the end of it.

11140|00001ea19|9ec1_Spice-Girls.jpgI suspect many went to bed as soon as the Spice Girls finished, I was praying for one of those long medleys.

It was great to see them together again, looking the best ever, reigniting that old question, ‘which one would I?’ amongst the men.

Victoria Beckham declared this will be the band’s last appearance: This is our swansong – and what better way to go out on top than at the Olympics.’

Poor Posh looked like an amateur, don’t think her heart was in it.

Crazy Mel B actually looked pretty good, her Jenny Craig diet seems to have fallen by the wayside but she made curves seem not that bad after all. I’m sure Jessie J had that same catsuit on later on.

Don’t get me started on Muse and front man Matthew Bellamy‘s sequin suit, or Jessie J, Taio Cruz and Tinie Tempah doing a Bee Gees cover – cabaret.

Fatboy Slim appears to have become a very bad wedding DJ, the Russell Brand bit was random but I am glad he was there.

How amazing and brave for Gary Barlow to join the Take That boys, that was the moment that bought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat.

To stand up there amongst 80,000 people after losing a baby is one of the heart-wrenching things I’ve seen on TV. And with a cruel twist of fate, Robbie Williams couldn’t make it as his wife Ayda Field is due to give birth any day.

When they extinguished the flame my heart sank, I’d had enough. Always one to support the underdog, that flame should have stayed alight for the Paralympics, THEY are the ones who are going to make me an emotional wreck, with their total bravery and accomplishment.

I hope Kate Middleton, Boris, David Cameron and co will continue to watch those events and cheer them on just the same. Like the ad says, meet the #superhumans.

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