The 10 songs that will be rocking the Palace


If you’re the Queen (and chances are, you’re not) it can get yawnsome listening to ‘God Save Our Gracious Me’ time after time after time. What Liz II (the sequel) really needs blasting from her iPod when she gets back to Buck House after her Diamond Jubilee celebrations are over is a few specially selected tunes…

So, put the corgis to bed, get Wills and Kate off the Nintendo We (it’s the Royal Wii) and pump up one’s volume…

1. Throne Direction – What Makes One Beautiful
2. Jubilee Piper – Because One Wants To
3. Jacksons – Blame It On The Corgi
4. Purple Reign – Prince
5. Pulp – Commonwealth People
6. Nicki Minajesty – Where Them Maids At
7. Britannia Spears – I’m Not A Princess, Not Yet A Queen
8. Will Young (feat. Prince Charles) – Leave Right Now
9. Beyoncé РSingle Ladies (Put A Crown On It)
10. Lizzee Rascal – Bank Holiday

Any other suggestions, let me know.