There is just one thing mums will think when they look at these pictures of Katie Price's baby Bunny Hayler


Pictures: YouGossip

Katie Price
is not your average mum. By any standards.

First things first she puts us mere mortal mums to shame in the glamour stakes.

But now she’s treated fans to a rare glimpse of her life by posting a selfie with her beautiful seven-week-old baby Bunny Hayler and instead of us cooing over the cute bub she’s balancing on her chest our eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to those whopping great nails she’s rocking.

And it made us ask the question all other mums will be thinking too right now: How on EARTH does Katie manage to look after a newborn with those beauties?

Or, more importantly, how does she change her nappies without getting any baby poo caught in those lengthy talons? And then there’s the added worry of making sure you don’t accidentally scratch the little one.

Considering how many nappies babies get through each day at this age, that’s a lot of hassle we’re not sure we’d have the patience for.

And that’s before we’ve even moved on to wondering how Katie, 36, finds the time to have them done while juggling TWO under two (Bunny and one-year-old Jett), not to mention her older kids Harvey, Junior and Princess?

Katie’s immaculate look is a far cry from how most of us looked when we had our newborns.

For many of us wearing make-up was a luxury – no, scrap that, taking a shower was a luxury.

With a screaming baby, puke and projectile poo to contend with, looking good was put on the backburner while we took care of our tots.

But Katie’s nails, make-up, brows and pout look perfect in this shot. And she has no bags under her eyes either.

Oh and she’s practically lost all her baby weight too. . . after seven weeks.

To be fair, Katie is a fifth timer compared to many of us first timers – so she probably takes it all in her stride.

But still.

Talk to the hand, Katie! We’re not jealous. Not at all.

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