Peter Andre has whisked Emily away to Cyprus - we wonder if his family will show her THAT embarrassing photo album?


Hooray, Peter ‘I love my kids’ Andre has finally found love!

Yes, he was spotted with his new girlfriend Emily MacDonagh at the weekend on a romantic break to Cyprus.

That’s right, he’s finally found a girl who won’t remember his shady past as a 90s muscle man, Mysterious Girl singer and all round poster boy.

And why won’t she remember? Because she would have been six, yes SIX, at the time!

I would have thought that it would have been a bit risky taking Emily to meet the family in Cyprus.

Surely someone at some point is going to bring out THAT embarrassing photo album.

Peter who’s 39 said of his relationship with his 22 year old (23 this week) girlfriend, that the age 16 year age gap is ‘irrelevant’.

Of course he’d say that, he’s getting his kicks with a girl who can still get a 10 per cent student discount in Topshop!

But this is where I’m a complete hypocrite, because I (like any other self respecting 34-year-old woman) would give my right arm/sell my husband/trade in my Marc Jacobs bag for one night with Harry Styles!

I know it’s wrong, I’ve been having this debate with my mates for months now.

Would you, wouldn’t you? Of course you bloody would and who cares about the age gap?

So why is it OK to be a fun-loving Caroline Flack-style cougar but not a Peter Andre-style manther (yes that’s the male version of a cougar)?

Truth is there is no difference and, let’s face it, after marrying Jordan who could blame Peter for going for a younger, more natural and more intelligent woman?

When it comes to love you just can’t help who you fall for. So I say go for it Peter!

Who cares what people say?

Just make sure Emily takes you shopping in Topman when you need a new, like, really cool outfit to hang out with her, like, really amazing friends.

A 10 per cent discount Peter…it’s all about the perks!

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