Now’s Sam Dowler says it’s all over for the Spice Girls

So the Spice Girls are performing at the Olympics closing ceremony? Well enjoy it folks, because it will be the last time you’ll ever see them perform together.

I’ll be tuning in with excitement on Sunday but full of sadness at the same time as the girl power dream is dead. And the murderer? Victoria Beckham.

It’s fantastic she’s Tweeting pics of sparkly microphones and whatnot but seeing all the girls together at the premiere of the Spice Girls musical Viva Forever told a different story.

Victoria seemed disinterested in entering into the camaraderie of her bandmates, and looked uncomfortable – like it was all a bit embarrassing.

Of course she’ll throw herself into the performance as she’ll want to represent her country (and the 2 billion supposed viewers might have gone some way to convince her).

However, make no mistake, she sees this as the Spice Girls‘ final hurrah and she couldn’t be happier.

Why? you ask. Well, whilst Geri Halliwell, Melanie C, Mel B and Emma Bunton all stand to gain from a Spicey reunion, Victoria Beckham only stands to lose.

Geri has just turned 40 this week and whilst she’s threatened to return to music with various solo projects, nothing has materialized.

Her solo music only served to highlight a somewhat flat singing voice proving she was always better as part of a team.

Melanie C, whilst carving out a successful career in musical theatre of late, failed to set the charts alight with her last single. And she wasn’t a big enough draw for viewers to tune into the ill-fated Superstar on ITV this last month.

Mel B is more famous these days for her reality show, having Eddie Murphy‘s lovechild, judging Australian X Factor and her tumultuous family life.

Emma Bunton bobs sweetly along offending no-one (take note Mel B).

While I have no doubt that these four hope that united they could even reach the heights of Take That re-born, it would never happen with Victoria.

Mrs Beckham has spent years honing her fashion skills and elevated herself to the global A-List. She probably sees the dramas surrounding Mel B and Geri as particularly trashy and beneath her.

Earlier this year she won Designer Brand Of The Year at the British Fashion Awards and was truly accepted as a designer of note. Becoming a Spice Girl again and bumbling about on stage would eradicate all of this hard work.

This performance will be nothing more than a novelty for her and while I would love for it to lead to something more it is nigh on impossible.

Viva Forever will/should be a huge hit and a fitting legacy that will bring them all together for one last time later in the year.

I am a massive fan of the band and all the girls individually so am sorry to even say this, but you’ll never see the Spice Girls perform as a five piece again after this Sunday. Sniff.


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