Dermot O’Leary’s trouser bulge – today The X Factor, tomorrow Prime Minister!

We know it. You know it. Heck, even Sharon Osbourne knows it…

The break-out star of this year’s X Factor is that cheeky bulge in Dermot O’Leary‘s trousers.

It has become more mesmerizing than Louis Walsh‘s growing hairline. Don’t believe us? We present our case…

1. We’ve always been a big fan of Dermot‘s dance moves. But now, every time he does one of his trademark lunges we’re squealing with excitement. That’s more than you get from one of Luke Friend‘s performances…

2. Dermot‘s just so coy and gets embarrassed whenever one of the judges (yes we’re looking at you Mrs O, you naughty lady) mentions his package.

3. It gives us a legitimate reason to discuss the contents of Dermot‘s boxer shorts, imagine him in mankini and use the word pecker *snigger*

4. Unlike the contestants, Derm‘s intimate area can never be voted off the show. Yay!

5. You can even follow @iamdermotsbulge on Twitter (yes really!) and get cheeky insights and plenty of LOLs on the show from inside Dermot‘s trousers. Genius.


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