Why Benefits Street's White Dee's the most wonderful woman on television


Channel 4‘s Benefits Street‘s the most controversial programme on television right now and it has me just as hooked as the rest of the nation.

It’s the documentary that has everyone talking.

The electric banter its created is heating up every watercooler convo – they say it’s abhorrent, it’s amazing, it’s exploitative, it’s sad. But while the politics surrounding the show continue to cause arguments, you have to admit the one thing that keeps us watching Benefits Street is White Dee.

James Turner street’s self-confessed matriarch’s the UK’s answer to Honey Boo Boo‘s Mama June and I can’t get enough of her. White Dee might not be working but she has tons of jobs to do in Winson Green – counsellor, bank, police, judge, cleaner, locksmith, tea-maker.

Despite rumours I’ve read that White Dee‘s agreed to pose nude, I’m praying that all this exposure will help to improve White Dee and her family’s life.

One thing’s for sure – I’m glad Channel 4 introduced us the wonderful woman that is White Dee.

Click on the gallery above to see why!

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