Plus the 5 other random things music manager Louis Walsh is just like

We all know Louis Walsh‘s famous X Factor line: You remind me of a young [insert celebrity name]…’

During his 10 years on the ITV show, there’s been a baby’ Robbie Williams, a little’ Tina Turner, a mini’ Frank Sinatra and even a teenage’ Lenny Henry (yes, really!).

So what does Louis, 61, remind me of? How about a young Miley Cyrus?

Let’s look at the evidence: they’re both from the music world, they’re both single right now and they’re both BFFs with an Osbourne (Louis with Sharon and Miley with Kelly).

And the list goes on… With some of his bonkers picks on The X Factor (remember Wagner?) and his TV rants, he can be just as controversial as the US singer, 20. Kind of. 

Here are 5 other famous faces/things Louis could be mistaken for (just squint your eyes, okay. A lot):

1. A young David Hasselhoff


2. A young Cheryl Cole


3. A young Prince George 


4. A young Big Brother logo


5. A young Now magazine


See the resemblance? No? OK… Well, how about reading our full interview with Louis Walsh in this week’s Now magazine dated 25 November 2013?


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