Liverpool's Rebecca needs to communicate

All the acrobats and dancers and fireworks on The X Factor stage just confuse things for me – I want to hear the contestants’ voices.

It was very odd on Saturday when Diva Fever were given a song which required no singing at all – just the repetition of Barbra Streisand’s name.

The backing girls were great and the boys looked embarrassed as they just grinned. What on earth was Simon Cowell thinking?

I close my eyes for the performances and had to open them to try to work out what on earth was going on.

One contestant who shines is Rebecca Ferguson – her voice is beautiful – but, while I prefer not to watch the screen, she really needs to open her eyes and connect with viewers and the audience.

Sure, she’s better than when she first auditioned but still, every few seconds, the spidery false eyelashes are down on her cheeks and she’s back in a world of her own.

Come on, Rebecca, you can do it.