Watching The X Factor's Melanie McCabe and Jade Richards getting axed at judges houses was infuriating

First things first, I love The X Factor.

Every year, I get suckered into Simon‘s annual circus without fail.

Picking and predicting my way through the weekly drama has become my favourite autumn ritual:

Which of the final 12 X Factor contestants will be this year’s pantomime pop villain (my guess is Tamera Foster)?

Without Jedward/Wagner/Rylan, who will provide the laughs (my guess is Shelley Smith)?

Who will get swallowed up by Cowell‘s music making machine only to be spat out never to be heard of again (Miss Dynamix)?

Of course, choosing my top three’s fun too (Hannah Barrett, Nicholas McDonald & Kingsland Road – I love Tamera Foster too but I don’t think she’ll make it to the final).

And even though I’m aware the entire production’s designed to cause the kind of controversy which boosts ratings, I think this year X Factor‘s gone too far.

While no one forced past contestants Melanie McCabe and Jade Richards to reapply for The X Factor again this year, I don’t think the way they were treated was fair or responsible.

Surely no one should have to suffer that level of public humiliation for the third or fourth time?

I know that there are exceptions – both Alexandra Burke and Liam Payne were multiple auditionees before getting through the gauntlet and finding fame.

But because of the added musical chair round this year, the agonising mind games the contestants were forced to endure seemed even more drawn out and exponentially cruel.

Just watching Nicole Scherzinger hand Melanie McCabe and Jade Richards yet another mahoosive dose of dashed dreams was enough to break my heart, so I can’t imagine the extreme amount of anguish they must have felt.

The X Factor might be a reality show, but in what reality are you subjected to that magnitude of continuous rejection and then have it broadcast to the entire nation?

That’s why there should be a limit as to how many times you can apply to The X Factor – contrary to popular belief, there are other ways to become a pop star (in fact, Jade Richards has just signed an album deal with Glasgow label, The Boombox).

And someone should also point out that becoming a pop star isn’t the only interesting path your life can take.

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