After Posh refuses to join the band on their reunion tour, they're considering finding a replacement. Worst idea ever!

So, Victoria Beckham has snubbed the Spice Girls and refused to join their reunion tour, according to the Mail on Sunday. 

Which is hardly a big surprise.

She arrived with David Beckham and her kids last week at the Viva Forever! launch night, and acted like a right party pooper, leaving the party earlier than the other girls.

A good old-fashioned girl band war? Oooh, I love it.

From the Sugababes all falling out and eventually being replaced with a brand new band, to Girls Aloud‘s rumoured spat with Nadine Coyle, girl band drama is always intriguing.

But it’s now reached crisis point with the Spice Girls – as they want to do a reunion tour, and Posh isn’t up for it.

Well, no surprises there. VB is busy with four kids and an extremely successful fashion house to run.

Her publicist said, Victoria respects all the girls and will always support them all personally and professionally.’

A very blah statement if I’ve ever heard one. And totally unsurprising.

But what HAS surprised me? The girls are reportedly considering auditions, X Factor-style, to find a replacement for Victoria.

Repeat after me – W-T-F!?

And one of the rumoured replacements is none other than Heidi Range, from the Sugababes. Um, weird!

DON’T DO IT, GIRLS. The show can limp along without Posh – but introducing an entirely new person into the band?

The band originally split shortly after Geri left, back in 1998 – so how on earth will they work with a new person? 

The Spice Girls won’t be the real Spice Girls with an impostor in the ranks. 

The whole idea is just WRONG.

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