Why I’ll grieve the loss of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf after network kills off Gossip Girl

Blake Lively, aka Mrs Ryan Reynolds, has been hitting the streets of New York wooshing her long blonde hair and flashing her ridiculously long legs.

It can only mean one thing: Gossip Girl is back.

The paparazzi have been going mad as the cast start filming for the sixth season, with pictures of Leighton Meester in a prom dress, Ed Westwick suited up and even guest star Alexa Chung hitting the web, faster than a Gossip Girl blast.

So far so exciting.

BUT. And it’s a big but.

As much as I’m thrilled to see my Upper East Siders, it’s also tainted with sadness: As this will be the Last. Ever. Series. OMG.

It was back in May that the sad news broke: The CW had done the unthinkable and CANCELLED the show.

Forget XOXO, it’s F.O.F.O to you, The CW.

I’ve been here before with US networks: Firefly, Dollhouse, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Tru Calling, and don’t think I’ve forgotten My So-Called Life.

The only saving grace is that Gossip Girl producers were given a shortened sixth season of just 11 episodes to wrap up the five years of twist, turns, plots and slow-burn love affairs.

Now these have started being filmed, it brings it all home; will Serena ever win back Dan?, Will Lily and Rufus get their happy ever after?, will Nate end up with Liz Hurley, sorry, Diana?

But of course there’s only one couple I really care about: Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf.

How will we cope without seeing Ed Westwick, suited and booted as the charming, damaged, highly-sexed, megalomaniac, bad boy Chuck Bass (A Christian Grey forerunner without the dodgy canes)?

His love story with Blair had me gripped from their first Limo romp: The moment he >finallyBlair was late for their make-or-break meet at the top of the Empire State Building as Dorota went into labour; Chuck being mugged, shot and lying in an alleyway in Prague; and of course, that moment he pleads with her to leave Prince Louis, saying: ‘I had it all wrong, just because Louis is the father of your baby, doesn’t mean you should be with him and not me. Because I’m going to love your baby as much as I love you.’

Wow. Why doesn’t this sort of thing ever happen to me? (The best I’ve had is a pact to get married if I’m still single at – wait for it – 70!)

That last scene of the last series is of course the pinnacle of Chuck and Blair. Chuck having lost his company, tearfully tells her: ‘You always bet against me’ before high-tailing it to Europe to plot his revenge against his (previously-thought-to-be-dead) dad with evil uncle Jack.

We think it’s all over. Again. Until…

Against the rousing backdrop of Fun’s Tonight, Blair strolls into a Monte Carlo casino, coolly sits next to a shocked Chuck, pushes her chips towards the croupier and announces: ‘You said I also bet against you … but this time I’m all in.’

It’s cheesy. It’s cool. Blair has great clothes. Chuck looks hot. What more can you want from TV?

So as we go into season six, I’m getting prepared to say goodbye to Chuck in his dodgy satin dressing gown, scowling and clutching a glass of whisky; goodbye to Veronica MarsKristen Bell, the forgotten voiceover star who actually >isGossip Girl. We’ll miss you.

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