She's not my usual type, way too perfect and too posh, but Millie Mackintosh is my new Queen of Cool and here's why...

I’ve got a confession to make: I’ve just realised that somehow, Millie Mackintosh has quietly become my new girl crush. I love everything she wears, her hair, her amazing figure and even her husband. In a non-creepy way, of course!

Even though she’s uber-posh, even richer than a bar of Green & Blacks 37% cocoa chocolate, is a better cook than me and is slimmer than I’ll ever be, I don’t hate her… I want to BE her!

Millie‘s proof that you can have it all, here’s why

1) She’s got attitude and she says exactly what she thinks. She even slapped love-rat Spencer Matthews on an episode of Made In Chelsea after he cheated on her friend, Louise Thompson. Millie then dubbed herself ‘Smackintosh’ on Twitter. She even once told trolls: ‘They can kiss my abs!’ Go Millie!

2) About that… She’s got a body to die for!
Yep, that thigh-gap and her hubby jokingly declaring she’s his ‘thinspiration’ landed Millie in hot water with the body bashers on Twitter, but let’s look at that facts. Millie looks sensational. We go to the same gym – I was a member before her y’know! Although she clearly takes those workouts a lot more seriously than I do… she works out six times a week and even wears her gym kit on her day off. God bless those abs she deserves them!

3) She walked down the aisle with snot on her face.
It’s amazing that such polished posh totty as Millie would not only say ‘I do’ with snot on her face but tell the world about it afterwards! Millie admitted: ‘I’ll always remember, on our wedding day last year, that as I was walking down the aisle, I stopped, took a deep breath to calm myself and I let out a sob – and managed to get some snot down my face just as Stephen turned to look at me. So now Stephen‘s always saying, “The first thing I saw, as you walked down that aisle, was that you had snot on your face!”

4) Her husband is so cool and loves her more than anything.
She’s got what all us girls want. And it’s rare to find a man these days, especially in the fickle world of showbiz, who’s happy with his lot, but Professor Green is simply besotted. The minute he spotted her in a men’s magazine he phoned her up and asked her out on a date… and he didn’t stop there. He soon whisked her to Paris and proposed. You can tell he loves her, he defends her from Twitter trolls, teases her, cooks her roast dinners, but most importantly you can tell they’re always laughing and have loads of fun together. Living the dream!

5) ‘She pops open Prosecco with a casual flourish that showed it was clearly as natural to her as breathing.’
Yep, amazing. According to one report, she opened my favourite tipple, Prosecco, just like this on Celebrity Masterchef. I want to do that! Pass me a glass… Here’s a big cheers to Millie my new Queen of Cool.

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