BLOG: As an OAP sticks up for a girl on the Central Line Now's Benjamin Potter has had his faith in humanity restored

Traveling on the London Underground is very rarely an enlightening experience. Smelly commuters, crammed carriages and stifling heat make for an often uncomfortable journey.

But this latest anecdote has almost restored my faith in humanity after all any sort of humane behaviour on the tube is a start.

In my eyes pensioners are the elite members of society. They are the polite and considerate folk with a ‘proper’ upbringing and this very brave person stepped in just in time to tell this unpleasant man to back off.

When a young woman was hassled by a city bloke because she was ‘scantily’ clad the quick witted passenger told him to ‘f**k of back to your bored wife’. YES.

The conversation, overheard by Scott Sparrow, has been shared thousands of times.

Take a look…

‘I am having such a wonderful day on the tubes I can’t not share this story. Let me build the scene:

Central Line between Oxford Circus and Chancery Lane, possibly St Pauls. To my right is sat a lady, 25-30, wearing a revealing dress.

To my left is an old lady, almost dead is how old she is.

Standing in front of us is a man, 50’s, suit and tie, eyening revealing dress.

Suit leans over to the revealing dress lady and says ‘Have some self respect when you dress yourself’

Revealing dress lady blushes to the colour of her almost not there dress.

Old soon to be dead lady is having none of this and in a south london accent shouts out: ‘She can wear or not wear whatever the f*** she likes, even if she was naked with a sign pointing to her fa*** (she said fa*** on the central line by St Pauls) and the sign pointed to her fa*** which said …PARTY CITY ALL INVITED…then that would still be none of your bloody business now f*** off back to your bored wife!’

Red dress then hugs the walking dead and old suit walks off.

That old lady will be my hero for the rest of her life, even if the rest of her life is like only another week. She was so old.’


Humanity 1 – City boys 0

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Benjamin Potter