Seriously. You have been warned.

For those Peter Andre fans out there who are still coming to terms with the photo of his new cornrow holiday hair style (click here if you haven’t seen it yet), then brace yourselves for something that’s really going to get you stirred up.

Peter has been voted by 2,000 British women as the man they would most like to spoon.

And to commemorate this illustrious title yoghurt brand Oykos have immortalised his famously taught torso and face in the form of a spoon. An actual SPOON.

Apparently the dad of three scooped the ‘coveted title’ with a ‘landslide victory’, picking up a third of the votes.

Peter, who has children Junior, nine, and Princess, seven, with ex-wife Katie Price and baby Amelia, seven months, with his partner Emily MacDonagh, did the honourable thing and spoon-taneously welcomed his latest accolade saying: ‘I could make a point that I didn’t win sexiest man but instead I am compared to a kitchen utensil, but I’m actually pleased.’

Bless him.

I’ve carefully studied the picture of Peter Andre’s spoon (honestly, they *actually* pay me to do this kind of stuff) and I have two issues with it:

1. It doesn’t look like it will *work* as a spoon. Bit of a problem.
2. Will Peter use it to literally eat himself? Because that would be weird.

Fortunately, Peter has already second-guessed my concerns.

Writing in his weekly column he says: ‘I’d like to put the award on my mantelpiece to remind Ems that she’s lying next to the most spoonable guy in Britain!’

On his mantelpiece! What a spoon-some man he is.

So then, which celebrity would YOU most like to spoon? Please do share. We’ll send the best answer a spoon version of their favourite man.*

*This is a lie

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